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Posts from the ‘Trees’ Category

Sedona Fall Color – Cave Springs Wash

01-mjensen-cave-springs-wash-pano-0035Cave Springs Wash is near the Cave Springs Campground just a few miles north of the West Fork Trail. It is my favorite place to photograph Maple Trees of all colors! Following are my favorite images from this trip: Read more

Sedona Fall Color – West Fork Trail

00-mjensen-west-fork-entrance-sumac-1265Photographers (and tourists) flock to West Fork Trail in the Fall. It is located in Oak Creek Canyon and has a special micro-climate that is perfect for Maple trees which are a treat to see in Arizona. CLICK HERE to see the species of this Maple. Read more

Sedona Fall Color – Campground

mjensen-campground-glass-ball-4805I have very weak WiFi this trip so this time, my posts will be summaries of my favorite locations. My first post will feature photos from the Campground. It sits along Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon under a canopy of Sycamore trees and, as you might imagine, it is absolutely gorgeous! Read more

Kamping Kats and Aspen Faces

Cleo feels sure he could easily catch this squirrel if I would just give him the chance!

Cleo feels sure he could easily catch this squirrel if I would just give him the chance!

This is my last Flagstaff post and rather than share individual images of my cats and Aspen faces, I decided to spare you and combine each subject in a collage. Read more

Flagstaff Color Part Six

mjensen-Hart-Pairie-Road-One of the most popular drives in Flagstaff is along Hart Prairie Road (Forest Road 151). People who can’t hike or don’t like to hike love it because they can get beautiful photos from their car or very close by their car. The following image is the view everyone wants to shoot. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Five

mjensen_glass-ball-fall-4532 The Aspen are finally putting on a great show! This first image and a few more were captured at an Aspen Stand at the beginning of the Humphrey’s Peak Trail. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Four

mjensen_buffalo-park-milkweed-seed-4257 More Fall images from the past few days. All images in this and past Flagstaff posts were edited on my Laptop so please forgive odd colors if you see any! Click on the Following to see previous posts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Three

mjensen_hart-prairie-rd-aspens-0070 Still waiting for full blown color but enjoying the Aspen trees nonetheless! Following are more bits of color from various locations in Flagstaff. Read more