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Flagstaff Fall Color Part Three

mjensen_hart-prairie-rd-aspens-0070 Still waiting for full blown color but enjoying the Aspen trees nonetheless! Following are more bits of color from various locations in Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Two

mjensen-inner-basin-trail-aspen-sky-4350There was a LITTLE color when I first arrived and even a yellow tree here and there but overall, it has another week to go. Here are some color photos from my first few days in Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part One

mjensen-infrared-aspens-hart-prairiePredicting prime time for fall color is difficult because there are just too many factors involved. This year, for instance, our weather has been strange which might be the reason the leaves are turning about a week later than the past several years but who knows?! I was prepared for no color by bringing along my Infrared converted camera. Here are some of my favorite first shots. Read more

Grand Canyon Morning

This shot from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is another photo from my archives brought to a new life with textures.


Aspen and Pine at Schultz Pass. I can’t help shaking my camera at trees 🙂

Cool Thoughts

I’m still not complaining about the heat but I don’t mind admitting I’d like to be in Flagstaff walking through the Aspens at this time! This is from a recent hike on the Aspen Nature Loop. Soon… 🙂

Aspen Corner

There are several photo-worthy and easy trails right off Snowbowl Road including Aspen Corner. Not too many wildflowers right now so I opted to play with light and the trees by moving my camera during exposure.

IR Dreamin’

Los Oso Oaks State Reserve is one of the first places I spent time shooting in IR (infrared) and it remains one of my favorite. It’s a spooky place if you’re in there by yourself because the trees literally envelop you but also enchanting. I’ve been several times but have hundred of images I’ve never processed! Here’s one of them. Contrast added with Topaz filters. (Captured with converted Canon D60 and 15mm lens (2004)