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Posts tagged ‘digital darkroom’

Harris Hawk Juvenile

This Harris’ Hawk was very noisy which probably means he is a juvenile. I learned that young ones will call and complain just like they used to do in the nest when they wanted to be fed. They hunt in family groups and we’re very lucky to see them regularly. In fact, when I first got the outside enclosures for the cats, we had a couple of Harris Hawks land close to check them out! I was afraid they might be able to lift the enclosure but they just looked and flew away.

I added some textures to this because the sky was boring.

Cicada Art

This week, I conducted an Elements 10 class explaining Layer Masks and showing the fun things you can create with them. This Cicada was one of the textured images I showed. I photographed this Cicada on concrete and then added two textures. Very easy and I think he looks great 🙂

Tarantula and Chris

Today’s post is for a couple of friends who wanted to see the fun I had with this Tarantula photo. What was even more fun, though, was taking the photo! I used my Canon compact, got on my stomach and positioned the camera lens almost touching the spider. Thankfully, he/she was OK with that 🙂

Goldfield Ghost Town

Our Meetup group had a shoot at Goldfield Ghost Town this morning. I couldn’t make it until later so the sun was nice and bright by the time I got there. I used Topaz and Nik filters to rescue some of the photos.

Variable Checkerspot

A Variable Checkerspot captured on Mingus Mountain. The background was very busy and mostly dead stuff so I added a couple of textures to make it a little more interesting.

Echinopsis Hybrid Round Two

My Echinopsis Torch cactus continues to bloom and yesterday morning, four more large showy flowers appeared. I haven’t played in Photoshop for awhile so here is a creation resulting from multiple filters. The two filters that contributed most to this look are Topaz Detail (Lithograph) and Redfield Fractalius. I started with presets but then created custom settings for each filter.

Prickly Poppy

A friend and I hiked a favorite canyon a couple of days ago and were so disappointed with the low amount of flower displays this year. This particular place is usually loaded with Southwestern Prickly Poppies which are especially fun to photograph because they are so large. Today I’m posting a Prickly Poppy captured in Infrared up at the Grand Canyon last year. I played with the image channels to introduce some false color.

Blog Collage

Here’s another composite using the software SHAPE COLLAGE. There is a free version but for $25, you can get the pro version which allows you to save the resulting collage in psd format retaining all the layers. Well worth it, in my opinion. In this creation, I used all the images in my 2010 blog folder which means the collage has over 375 layers! With auto select layer turned on, all I need to do was click on a few images and drag them out. CLICK HERE for an in-depth review and demonstration of this incredibly fun software.