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Posts from the ‘Travel’ Category

Sedona Fall Color – Slide Rock State Park

01-mjensen-slick-rock-2085 The main attraction of Slide Rock State Park is the red rock formations and water that runs through it. It is such a popular swimming area during summer, you can hardly see the red rock for all the people. In fact, it is very difficult to get a photo of the water without people almost all year round. In this next photo, I arrived very early and was lucky to have just two people. I decided I didn’t mind including them. Read more

Sedona Fall Color – Cave Springs Wash

01-mjensen-cave-springs-wash-pano-0035Cave Springs Wash is near the Cave Springs Campground just a few miles north of the West Fork Trail. It is my favorite place to photograph Maple Trees of all colors! Following are my favorite images from this trip: Read more

Sedona Fall Color – West Fork Trail

00-mjensen-west-fork-entrance-sumac-1265Photographers (and tourists) flock to West Fork Trail in the Fall. It is located in Oak Creek Canyon and has a special micro-climate that is perfect for Maple trees which are a treat to see in Arizona. CLICK HERE to see the species of this Maple. Read more

Sedona Fall Color – Campground

mjensen-campground-glass-ball-4805I have very weak WiFi this trip so this time, my posts will be summaries of my favorite locations. My first post will feature photos from the Campground. It sits along Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon under a canopy of Sycamore trees and, as you might imagine, it is absolutely gorgeous! Read more

Zabriskie Piont

This image was taken from Zabrisk[e Point in Death Valley. I zoomed in on the distant river bed (it looks like a river bed anyway) and panned at a slow shutterspeed. I printed it on canvas and it really looks like a painting! I’m spending more and more time on Google Plus so check it out for more of my photos:

Happy New Year!

Even with all our rains lately, fireworks are banned at the moment. However, we can buy fireworks! That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it??! Anyway…if we want to see a display, we’ll need to go out of state. This image is a composite of several bursts from an evening of fireworks at the pier in Cayucos, California. Although the finale wasn’t quite this many bursts, it was one of the best we’ve seen.

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf

Raindrops on a tiny Aspen leaf. Shot with Canon 90mm Tilt/Shift lens.

Selective Focus

Cottonwood leaves photographed using a very large aperture rendering the background leaves to a wash of green.