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Posts tagged ‘sunset’

Sun Kissed Granite

A quick end of day shot during an evening walk. I was hoping for some clouds and a nice sunset but this sun kissed granite boulder looks good too 🙂

Last Light on the Watchman

Once the sun has set, the show is not over! If you have the patience to wait just a little longer, you’ll be treated to a special light. This scene was taken along the Pa’rus trail in Zion National Park.

Monsoon Clouds

I’ve captured very few monsoon clouds this summer because we’ve been gone so much but better late than never! Here’s one from night before last. I have several wonderful saguaros in my yard so I positioned myself under one. I got out a little too late but managed to catch a little last light.

Dust Storm Sunset

I remembered yesterday that I did get one shot of our monster dust storm! The sun actually managed to get through the dust lighting up this tree. Eerie! Dust was still blowing hard so I took the photo from the safety of the garage. I knew the scene probably wouldn’t last long so I didn’t take the time to get my tripod. I set my ISO to 800 and fired off a few shots. This had the most in focus. Canon 7D with 24-70mm lens. 1/50th sec at f/5.


Yet another rainstorm last night gave us dramatic light late yesterday. I was enjoying the navy blue skies when this Cardinal flew into my scene. He played peekaboo for about 5 minutes and then left. Out of about a dozen images, this was the only one where his head wasn’t totally obscured. Not very sharp focus but there’s a catch light in his eye so I decided it was a keeper. Besides…I needed a photo for today 🙂

Last Light

Our recent rainstorms, have given us the most spectacular orange light at the end of the last two days. Here’s a digital art rendition of that light. (Topaz filters)

Sunset Raindrop

We had a wonderful and very welcome rain yesterday. This raindrop against a cloud as the sun was setting was my favorite shot of the day.

Liquid Sunset

There was just a sliver of sunset left by the time I was finally motivated to capture it. I decided to move my camera during exposure and I ended up with a liquid sunset.