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Desert Shrooms and Blooms

mjensen-desert-shrooms-2018I’m back in Flagstaff but I’m not going to post anything from here until I catch up! So I will divide the rest of September into 3 posts starting with the wonderful rains we received early this month. Lots of rain is needed for Fungi to pop up in the Desert and we received both! Read more

Flagstaff August Part Three

mjensen_butterfly-mourning-cloak-9160Butterflies only come out on sunny days so I didn’t see many. Wildflowers were also spotty but I did manage to get some photos of both. I’ll start with the butterflies and bugs and follow up with Wildflowers. Read more

Flagstaff August Part Two

mjensen_viet-spgs-aspen-bolete-0076My goal of posting while on the road didn’t happen as planned so here I am trying to post everything before the end of the month. In other words…in one day! So here is part two featuring fungi from my other favorite trails. They are (in no particular order) the Kachina Trail, Viet Springs Trail, Aspen Corner area and the Nordic Center. Another favorite is the trail at the Flagstaff Arboretum but there was very little there this time. Read more

Flagstaff Part Three

Bracket Fungus on Aspen

Bracket Fungus on Aspen

What excites me most about Fruiting Bodies is they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Besides the quintessential mushroom shape, there are ones that look like undersea coral, antlers, stars, cups, trumpets, brackets (shelf-like), human ears (see previous post) jelly and so many more. I want to find and photograph them all! This post features some from my July trip to Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Part Two

Wood Ear

Wood Ear

Photographing in the rain can definitely be challenging but my goal this trip was to document Fungi and I knew rain would mean they would be popping up like crazy in the wet forests! Read more