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Posts tagged ‘Montage’

Thistle Textured

I enjoy photographing dried plants almost as much as live ones especially when they have great seed heads. I thought this image would look good with added textures and was happy to find one that looked a little like grasses. (check out more of my photos on my G+ page. Click “View all albums”:

Cicada Art

This week, I conducted an Elements 10 class explaining Layer Masks and showing the fun things you can create with them. This Cicada was one of the textured images I showed. I photographed this Cicada on concrete and then added two textures. Very easy and I think he looks great 🙂

Anna’s Hummingbird

I assisted on a Bird Walk for the MSC yesterday and when I assist, I typically only carry a compact camera since an SLR with a long lens would be too distracting. Only two people showed up, though, so had I known, I would have brought my “big” camera. But we had a great time and I ended up with an in focus shot of an Anna’s Hummingbird so I was happy 🙂

Anna’s Hummingbird Textured

Halloween Creation

A dead tree, two owls and some texture combined to make a Halloween inspired image.

Thoughts of Fall

I’m hosting two meetups in Sedona next month and the big question is “Will we see color?!”. The answer is we won’t know til we get there. Stories are coming in from friends that fall color is late in Colorado so it might be late here too. If there’s no color, though, you can make your own with the help of photo software. These Oak leaves started as a pale shade of yellow/brown until I manipulated them with gradient maps, H/S, flipping, inverting, merging, compositing… other words….the hard way. I’m not poo-pooing apps….I just don’t have an iPhone/iPad and all the fun apps to play with 🙂

Tlaquepaque Chapel

I try to capture this cross a little differently each time we go to Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Villiage. This time I decided to add a texture to the image giving it a late day look.

Variable Checkerspot

A Variable Checkerspot captured on Mingus Mountain. The background was very busy and mostly dead stuff so I added a couple of textures to make it a little more interesting.

Memorial Day 2011

A quick and simple montage of three images to represent this day.