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Posts tagged ‘blooms’

Crucifixion Thorn

We’re just at the right elevation for Crucifixion Thorn (Canotia holacantha) and I noticed they were not only in bloom yesterday but had more blooms than I’ve seen since I’ve lived here so I went back this morning for a better shot. The bee was a bonus 🙂

My Hummer Buddies

Hummingbirds are very curious and boy are they fearless! Within minutes of going out to photograph in my yard, there will be a Hummer inches of my head and flitting around me for a few seconds as if to be checking me out. I think they like my hat 🙂 Whatever the reason, I love it. That particular morning, I was experimenting taking photos of cactus blooms with my 300mm lens. Right next to the cactus is an Aloe and almost the instant I started to shoot, this guy came in and started feeding. Unfortunately, my 300mm lens only focuses to 3 feet which meant I had to back up to take its photo…hence no tail.
Captured May 1st with 300mm lens. ISO 400, 1/600th sec at f/5

Saguaro Cactus Blooms

With all the other cactus putting on such a good show this year, I am surprised our Saguaros are not as full of blooms as past years. Another thing I’ve noticed is a lower population of bees. This image was captured a few years ago.

Echinopsis Surprise

I thought my cactus were through blooming but all my Echinopsis in Javelina Cafe are loaded with fat buds! The first bloom appeared yesterday morning on this Echinopsis candicans. There’s a good chance my two hybrids will be full of blooms next. I can hardly wait!

Converted to Black and White and a little color brought back.

Olneya tesota

Ironwood (Olneya tesota) is the largest and longest living tree in the Sonoran Desert and when it’s in bloom it is spectacular! Some years are better than others for blooms and this is a good one. The blooms remind me of Disney’s singing flowers 🙂

Cylindropuntia leptocaulis

Not to be outdone by the other cactus, my Christmas Cholla (Cylindropuntia leptocaulis) is absolutely loaded with blooms…the most I’ve ever seen! The 1 inch blooms prefer late afternoon light which, coincidentally, so do I 🙂 Captured late yesterday (hand held) with my Canon 100mm Macro lens.

Fouquieria splendens

Ocotillo (Fouqueria splendens) is also blooming like crazy now too. Like Saguaro blooms, though, these blooms are tough to photograph because they’re typically too high but this specimen is a youngster I planted just last year. I was so happy to see it bloom for the first time! I used a Lensbaby to achieve the really soft background.

Salmon Prickly Pear

Javelina LOVE non-native cactus so in years past, this poor Prickly Pear has not been allowed to fully bloom. But Javelina Cafe is now closed so all my non-natives finally have a chance to show off and they are making up for lost time. Besides what you see here, there are at least 25 more buds waiting to open on this Prickly Pear! I had fun photographing the blooms with various lenses yesterday. I couldn’t decide on just one image so here is a collage.