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Posts from the ‘Infrared’ Category

Flagstaff Fall Color Part One

mjensen-infrared-aspens-hart-prairiePredicting prime time for fall color is difficult because there are just too many factors involved. This year, for instance, our weather has been strange which might be the reason the leaves are turning about a week later than the past several years but who knows?! I was prepared for no color by bringing along my Infrared converted camera. Here are some of my favorite first shots. Read more

Fall Color in Infrared

I’m heading to Sedona in a few days and wishing and hoping for some fall color but if not, I can always fall back on Infrared! The young couple in the background is at L’Auberge de Sedona which is right across Oak Creek from my campground…..a Gorgeous and very romantic setting. I sometimes encounter people eating breakfast by the creek and I’m sure they think I’m spying on them 🙂

Greasewood Flat

I’m lucky to have a lot of interesting photo ops within a few miles. Greasewood Flat is one of my favorites. There’s lots of old rusty stuff to shoot and they love visitors. Great hamburgers too! Be sure to add a slice of prickly pear cactus if you order one.

Cabin for Rent

This fabulous cabin, called the Gold King Retreat, can be yours for just $15,000 per week in the winter and a bargain price of $9100 per week in the summer. It’s located at 11,300 feet in sight of Gold King Basin with views that take your breath away! I’ll post some photos of the area in the next couple of days.

Gold King Retreat in Infrared

Cool Thoughts

I’m still not complaining about the heat but I don’t mind admitting I’d like to be in Flagstaff walking through the Aspens at this time! This is from a recent hike on the Aspen Nature Loop. Soon… 🙂

Red Mountain Mining Camp

This was my second time visiting the Red Mountain Mining Camp. I decided to shoot infrared. I added a little diffuse glow to the image to soften it. Looks like winter!

Infrared Desert

More desert. This time in infrared. (not smartphone this time)

Keeping Cool at Boyce Thompson

The East half of the country’s record heat is our norm but they’re also burdened with high humidity…yuk! Besides low humidity, we’re also lucky to have wonderful escapes close by like Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  (Palm Trees in Infrared)