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Desert Drive-by Shooting

Call me crazy but I love sticking my camera out my SUV window and shooting while driving. Jack Davis (artist and digital guru) was the first one I saw do this back about 2003 and I was instantly intrigued. I don’t always get something worthwhile but occasionally I get something I love. This was one of those times. I added to the left side of the image and I printed this on a large canvas and it looks great! I love the painterly look.

Great Horned Owl and Owlett

I’ve posted this image here before but this is a new version of it. It was taken several years ago very late in the day with an older SLR. Not only was the image very noisy thus not printable to much larger than an 8×10 but her wing tip was cut off as was the Saguaro arm on the top left. I loved it so much, though, that every year or so I go back and work on it. Last year, I added a wing tip and also the Saguaro arm which turned out well. This time, I went a little crazy with textures. The result is my favorite edit so far! I’m going to print a 48×36 canvas.

Can you spot the baby?

Saguaro Faces

Found a great face on a walk in my neighborhood this evening.

Sonoran Storm

We’ve had two great days of rain in the last week so I’ve had to dodge raindrops to get a photo for the day. Black/White by Topaz Labs.

Another Desert Face

Came across this guy on my walk a few days ago. Shot with my Canon S1 compact in very low light so the quality wasn’t great but one click of a preset in Topaz Labs new B&W Effects and it’s not bad! The software is available for $29.99 for a short time. Worthwhile in my opinion.

Desert View

Almost forgot to post a photo! Here’s a shot from my office window last night. I then subtracted a little color.

Morning Face

I pass this spot almost every day on my morning walks but I had never noticed this Saguaro. Lighting is key to seeing faces in the desert and I was out a little earlier than usual yesterday OR he might just have moved into the neighborhood 🙂
Droidx Capture

Three’s Company

During a hike yesterday morning, I met a couple who told me about a Great Horned Owl and 3 babies in their neighborhood. I was over there that afternoon! Mother Owl wasn’t there and the three Owlets waited 2 1/2 hours to become active. It was getting dark but I upped my ISO and hung in there for this shot. A little help from Photoshop to open up the shadows on the two in the back. (Canon 60D, 70-200 at 200mm. ISO 1250, 1500th sec @ f/6.3)