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Posts from the ‘Macro’ Category

Field Institute

mjensen-chuckwalla-browns-ranch-survey-3912As a Steward of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and also a Citizen Scientist, I take part in several surveys being conducted by the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy through their Field Institute. (Flora, Flying and Ground Insects, Mammal and Reptile). I try to attend most of the organized surveys and take photos for the Conservancy but I am always on the lookout for any creatures when I’m hiking in the Preserve and document what I see. Read more

Desert Shrooms and Blooms

mjensen-desert-shrooms-2018I’m back in Flagstaff but I’m not going to post anything from here until I catch up! So I will divide the rest of September into 3 posts starting with the wonderful rains we received early this month. Lots of rain is needed for Fungi to pop up in the Desert and we received both! Read more

Flagstaff August Part Three

mjensen_butterfly-mourning-cloak-9160Butterflies only come out on sunny days so I didn’t see many. Wildflowers were also spotty but I did manage to get some photos of both. I’ll start with the butterflies and bugs and follow up with Wildflowers. Read more

Colonel Devin Butterflies

Washington Park - Colonel Devin Trail

Washington Park – Colonel Devin Trail

Even though we ended up spotting 21 species of Butterflies, our return trip to Colonel Devin was a little disappointing. Wildflowers were still few and far between; it was windy and the butterflies rarely stopped moving. Read more

Tarantula Hawk

Here’s another photo from a recent trip to the Desert Museum in Tucson. This is a Pepsis Wasp which is commonly called a Tarantula Hawk. As the name implies, this wasp will swoop in and kill a Tarantula. I’ve never seen it in action but friends have.

Holiday Stars

This ornament was photographed using a Lensbabies lens with a creative filter that added even more stars to the photo. To see more of my photos, CLICK HERE to go to my Google Plus page.

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf

Raindrops on a tiny Aspen leaf. Shot with Canon 90mm Tilt/Shift lens.

Sacred Datura

We had a wonderful rain last night; temps dropped more than 10 degrees and we’re told cool temps are here to stay. Fall has begun! Oh Happy Day 🙂

Sacred Datura spotted this morning and shot with my DroidX. It does Macro well!