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Posts tagged ‘butterfly’

Desert Shrooms and Blooms

mjensen-desert-shrooms-2018I’m back in Flagstaff but I’m not going to post anything from here until I catch up! So I will divide the rest of September into 3 posts starting with the wonderful rains we received early this month. Lots of rain is needed for Fungi to pop up in the Desert and we received both! Read more

Higher Elevation Butterflies

Back to the Colonel Devin Trail in Payson, Arizona yesterday with hopes the Butterfly Weed was finally in bloom. (It was late to bloom this year so we found very little on the last trip up). This time, we saw plenty and were rewarded with Western Tiger Swallowtails and Northwestern Fitillaries nectaring on it. My favorite photos from the hike are below. Read more

Breakfast for Butterflies

This is an old image I updated by adding textures. The butterfly was photographed at the Butterfly Pavilion at the Desert Botanical Garden. The garden no longer houses as many varieties as in past years. They now mostly have Monarchs. Still fun to see but not as exciting.

Skipper on Bee Balm

I don’t have an identification for this little guy yet but I do know it is a Skipper. It’s the only one I noticed while exploring up at Schultz Pass and he was gone in a flash so I’m happy to have at least one shot. Canon 180mm Macro lens. ISO 400, 1/1000 sec, f/10. Probably my favorite lens.


I loved this shot of an Atlantis Fritillary (Speyeria atlantis) and decided I would play up the dreamy look by intentionally de-focusing.

Pine White

Yesterday I posted a shot of a White that had me puzzled because of the orange markings. As it turned out, that coloration identifies the female of the species. Today, I’m posting a shot of the male Pine White. He’s enjoying nectar from a Cutleaf Coneflower.

Schultz Creek

Only a few wildflowers out along the Schultz Creek Trail but there were lots of butterflies! This little Blue (don’t know exact species) was enjoying a drink from a Sneezeweed flower. Captured with my Canon 70-200mm with a 1.4x extension tube.

Thicket Hairstreak

There were lots of Thicket Hairstreak as well as many other tiny butterflies on the wonderful Viet Springs trail last week. Rarely sitting still for long, they’re a challenge to photograph. I applied art filters to disguise the very busy background.

Thanks to Tom H. for the ID.