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I’m almost back….did you miss me? I missed you!!! The reason I made a move to another host is that Yahoo Business is not upgrading to the latest database process required by WordPress. WordPress is constantly looking out for security leaks and as such continues to upgrade. If I stay with Yahoo, I’m leaving myself open to potential problems. Yahoo has known for quite some that they needed to upgrade but Yahoo Business support told me, that although they will eventually upgrade, they have no plans in the immediate future. (Their last update was 2003!)

Anyway….the transition is almost done. The only negative thing that happened is that permalinks had to be altered so if you happened to save a link to a particular blog post, it won’t work. But…just enter the title or other search word and you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for. If you’ve never tried the search box, please do. Looking for tortoise photos? Type “tortoise” and up pops related posts.

Photography Exhibit

I’m honored to be among 7 photographers featured in an exhibit at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts (second street). Especially so because my 13 foot panorama of the McDowell Mountains is front and center! I also have several other pieces you might recognize if you follow my blog (bike/sunrise, 3 poppies and coyote). The panorama and coyote were mounted by Artisan Colour who I recommend HIGHLY! The panorama had to be especially difficult to work with but not only did they do a fantastic job but to my surprise they rushed it at no extra expense. Thanks so much guys! You have my work from now on 🙂

The exhibit is up from January 24 through February 16. CLICK HERE for a short video of the gallery space.

Oh Happy Day!!!

Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 9 and along with several other very useful upgrades, it FINALLY includes layers! So for those of you who don’t want to fork out the big bucks for the full version, Elements might very well be all you need. This is especially the case for phographers who primarily use Lightroom to process their images and only need Photoshop for pixel editing not provided by Lightroom plugins.

It’s about time, Adobe!


I started Crossfit yesterday (photo by Droid). Goal? To lose the 20 pounds I’ve put on since I moved to Arizona! I haven’t weighed myself in ages so I really worried it was 30. I’m soooo relieved 🙂 The bonus to this regimen will be increased bone density which I’m concerned with these days. Anyway…Crossfit is a way of exercising every muscle in your body by doing something different every day and because you mix all kinds of exercise, you never get bored. The workout goes against what most of us believe is necessary for weight loss or body building so it’s hard to believe it will work but when you read that it’s the workout of firefighters, you realize there must be something to it.

All routines are on the website (we work a day behind). The exercises are the same for men and women and you can jump in any time. Beginners just scale back the prescribed exercises for the day. I don’t plan to do the heavy bodybuilding that some like to do but weights and/or weight bearing exercises are important for bone density so I will be doing some. Here’s what I did this morning: 20 minute bike ride to warm up. 25-15-5 alternating sit ups and jumping rope. In other words…25 sit ups, 25 jumping rope, 15 sit ups, 15 jump, etc. That was it. Yesterday was squats and pushups. (I had to modify them!). If there are some things you just can’t do, you continue to modify the exercise so the intended muscles get worked.

I’ll be honest….I’m having a hard time walking today but… it hurts so good…sure 😉

DroidX FX

I admit that the hundreds of camera related iPhone apps made joining the Apple Core really appealing. That’s especially true for people like me who use their phone mostly as a camera 🙂 BUT…there are new apps showing up all the time for the Droid OS so I’ll just be patient. In the meantime, I consider it a challenge to be more creative with what I have! Today’s image is a composite of 4 images captured on our walk this morning. I used an app called Camera Zoom FX. Settings were color fx/spectrum)

Wildflowers and more

“WILDFLOWERS and more” is the title of the sequel to my first flora guide and it’s finally gone to press! Click on the book title to go to a preview. Feedback appreciated!

Sand Sculpting

Of the few 4th of July celebrations I’ve been to, the most memorable was in 2004. It was in Cayucos, CA, a quintessential small beach town. Besides the spectacular fireworks display over the water on the 4th, another highlight was a Sand Sculpting contest the day before. The sculptures were jaw dropping! Here is one example.


This image is from my first and last Rodeo shoot. At first I found it very exciting and was having a lot of fun with my then fairly new 1DMKII shooting at 8 1/2 frames per second. Then I started noticing how stressed the animals were so I left early. I’m not against Rodeos, though. I realize they are an important part of the cowboy culture and there are still many working cowboys who look forward to these events as a release from their hard lives. Just go a little easier on the animals!