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Posts tagged ‘hdr’

The Watchman

If you’ve ever been to Zion National Park, you’ve no doubt ended up with scores of photographers lined up at the Junction bridge waiting to capture the calendar shot of the Watchman at sunset. Been there, done that so this time I walked farther down the Pa’rus trail to find a little different view. It’s not sunset but close to it. Shot in HDR and processed in Photomatix. Photo Tip: When your subject is far away, there will be A LOT of foreground so make sure this foreground is interesting. Otherwise, consider moving or zooming in to your subject so you exclude anything that doesn’t add to your photo.

Tlaquepaque Chapel

I try to capture this cross a little differently each time we go to Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Villiage. This time I decided to add a texture to the image giving it a late day look.

Tow Truck

This tow truck on just one of Greasewood Flat’s wonderful collectibles. Shot in HDR.

Parting Shot

One last shot from Tlaquepaque. It’s a great place for architectural details. Shot handheld in HDR. Processed in Photomatix

Greasewood Flat

An infrared HDR capture of the entrance to Greasewood Flat….a famous hangout for bikers (as well as families) and a really fun place to photograph! Although there is a lot of grease in their food (good, though!), the name doesn’t refer to that. Greasewood is a common name for the Creosote Shrub. (There’s another species of shrub nicknamed Greasewood but it doesn’t grow in our area.)

Let’s Meetup

A successful photography Meetup for our digital club yesterday! We started at the General Store and then moved to Greasewood Flat all the while encountering endless photo ops. The last stop was supposed to be Pinnacle Peak Patio but most had either run out of pixels or got lost. I went but stayed just long enough to get this photo.

Sleeping Camel Not

OK…I had a few comments which agree with Chris so here’s what I’m seeing. I guess his snout isn’t really long enough to be a camel but it could be a dinasaur camel. They probably looked different. OK…I’m stretching here 🙂

Sleeping Camel

Chris didn’t see it but to me it kind of looks like a Camel lying down with an ice pack on his head. (he’s facing to the right) A Camel with a hangover? Maybe? 🙂

Shot in HDR and a slight B/W treatment.