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Flagstaff Part One

mjensen_echinopsis-budsThis year, I delayed my trip because of my Echinopsis. One of them had over 40 flower buds and seemed ready to bloom any day! How could I leave during what might be the biggest show I’ve had since planting them! Read more

Hiking in the Rain

Went to Camp Creek Falls this morning in the rain with hopes of seeing lots of water. We weren’t disappointed and it was fun getting wet 🙂 CLICK HERE for images of Camp Creek falls taken a few years ago.

Cotton Candy Cloud

One of the coolest storm clouds I’ve ever seen. In far North Arizona.

Cat on a Hot Rock

It has been really hot but Cleo and Cloe love it! It doesn’t make sense to me since they have fur coats but they like to lay out in their enclosure or on the warm concrete floor in the garage all day. At night, they are forced to endure air conditioning 🙂

Monsoon Clouds

I’ve captured very few monsoon clouds this summer because we’ve been gone so much but better late than never! Here’s one from night before last. I have several wonderful saguaros in my yard so I positioned myself under one. I got out a little too late but managed to catch a little last light.

Welcomed Rain

We had a fantastic and VERY loud storm last night! It produced more lightening than I’d seen in a very long time and we ended up with more than 1 1/4 inches of rain which was extremely welcomed. I should be showing a photo of lightening today but instead I’m sharing another shot of flowers in the rain. I don’t have an ID for this shrub yet but the flowers sure were pretty!

Canon 24-105mm at 75mm handheld. ISO 400. 1/125th sec at f/6.3


We had quite a bit of rain during our Colorado road trip. Instead of running for cover, though, I continue to shoot because the light can be great! If you look back at my Snowshoe Hare post, you’ll notice the hares are wet and the flower colors are popping. In this image, I think the rain adds to the story of how much this area has deteriorated.

Down Vest

Gambel’s Quail fluffing up this morning to stay warm.