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Two Mountain Loop

Yesterday morning, I hiked around Cone Mountain and Browns Mountain….an 8 mile loop. It was a spectacular day! I’m posting mostly to Google Plus these days so please visit to see more of my images. CLICK HERE to go to my albums and then click “view all of Marianne’s albums”. I plan to get back in the habit of posting here soon. I have lots of MSC field institute images to share.

Poppies on Toms Thumb Trail!

Lesley F, Kellie E. and I hiked up the Tom’s Thumb Trail yesterday and found Poppies!!! We had been noticing hundreds of Poppy and Lupine sprouts on the way up but didn’t notice this open flower and one other until the return trip to the Gateway. Very exciting! Barring a hard frost, this might be a fantastic year for Wildflowers. I’m so excited 🙂

Hiking in the Rain

Went to Camp Creek Falls this morning in the rain with hopes of seeing lots of water. We weren’t disappointed and it was fun getting wet 🙂 CLICK HERE for images of Camp Creek falls taken a few years ago.

Toms Thumb Trail Hike

First Conservancy hike of the season in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Our destination was East End Junction but the weather was so fabulous, we continued on to Tom’s Thumb. Elevation gain: 800ft in about 2 miles. In other words…steep!

Happy Hikers

People photography is not my thing but when I came across this scene on the Arizona Trail, I had to shoot it! Happy hikers and happy dogs so I asked for permission and this is the result. It looked great on my LCD so I offered to mail them a file which they were happy about. We had a nice chat and found out they are mother and daughter. Daughter just moved to Flag and Mother lives in Old Town Scottsdale. Thanks ladies!

Visiting Frankenstone

Sunday’s hike took us past many of my favorite boulder faces including Frankenstone.
CLICK HERE to see more of my boulder faces.

The No Wildflowers Hike

So what do you do when you have to lead a wildflower hike (this past Sunday) and there are no flowers? You wing it! Lucky for me, I had two great assistants. Botanist Steve Jones entertained everyone with flora trivia and Chris Rutz filled us in on the ranching history of this area and gave us a climbing lesson. In this photo, he’s pointing out anchors embedded in the rock to which a rope is connected. Before Chris started climbing, I always thought climbers used the rope to pull themselves up but it is there strictly for safety in case they fall. All in all, a really fun morning! Thanks again, Steve and Chris 🙂

Trail Building

Great hike on the Go John trail in the Cave Creek Regional Park yesterday morning. Our goal was to view wildflowers but the last two cold snaps have held them back so we only saw the promise of things to come. It was a great 5mi plus hike anyway! I hadn’t been out there in several years and was pleasantly surprised by all the trail improvements. We were all talking about how trail building was done when we rounded a corner and saw this narrow bulldozer. Pretty cool!