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Monsoon Sunrises

Saguaro Silhouette at Sunrise

Being a “Morning Person”, I love summers in Arizona! It is the only time of day cool enough to get anything done and I relish every hour. I do long hikes at least 4 times a week and in Summer I’m always up before the sun. Of course I am never without a camera in hand so I get lots of sunrise shots. On the other hand, I get very few sunsets. I’m ready for bed by that time 🙂

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Our First Week of Summer

Sonoran Desert SunriseThis last week, we experienced the hottest temperatures since living here and, in fact, some areas set new records! Before you feel sorry for us, though, know that although we would prefer it not get this hot, we all know how to deal with the heat. We all have air conditioned homes and cars and businesses are air conditioned so it is easy to escape. Also, because it is so dry here, even the smallest amount of shade can offer a little relief. You can tell who are locals because they are the ones standing in the shade of ANYTHING. Read more

Grand Canyon Morning

This shot from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is another photo from my archives brought to a new life with textures.

Cold Front Coming

We haven’t really had a fall here yet (temperature wise, that is) but that’s pretty typical. We go from daytime 80s to daytime 60s overnight. Just perfect for decorating my tree this weekend 🙂

Droidx Sunrise

Sunrise captured with my Droidx on my walk this morning.
(Preset to shoot Black and White).

Cholla Sunrise

This spectacular sunrise lasted only a couple of minutes so by the time I got my camera and positioned myself, I only got two shots. Thankfully, one was in focus. In my rush to get into position below the cholla skeleton, I bumped into a particularly nasty Prickly Pear Cactus. Was it worth getting glocids in the side of my head? I got the shot so;..Yes 🙂

Captured in my backyard this morning.


This is a great time of year to capture silhouettes at sunrise because you don’t have to get up very early. Then even if you’re not lucky enough to have a willing subject, you can always count on the Saguaros!

Marcus Landslide Sunrise

Sunrise over the Marcus Landslide (the rippling ground at the end of the rays) as seen from Sven Tower II. A little chilly this morning but totally worth it. Thanks, Chris, for being my Sherpa. 🙂