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Posts tagged ‘sunrise’

North Access to Gateway

Yesterday morning, Chris and I hiked 7 1/2 miles from the North Access parking area to Gateway Trailhead. We started early enough to be welcomed by spectacular light at the top.

Chris (bottom center) walking below two sleeping giants.

Gambel’s Quail at Sunrise

I put a Cholla Skeleton outside the dining room window knowing birds would use as a perch and I’d have a good chance of getting some nice images. The hard part, though, is keeping the birds from seeing me! It’s no problem in the afternoon but at sunrise, they take off at the slightest movement so I typically crawl on the floor until I reach the window and then slowly get up. Sometimes I make it but not this time. I like the result anyway 🙂


I missed the spectacular color this morning but my DroidX handled the bright light really well!  As others…no post processing.

Monsoon Sunrise

Another favorite monsoon image from 2008. I had just started a morning walk when I saw this sky. I almost didn’t try to shoot it because it was still fairly dark and all I had with me was my little compact. It was so beautiful, though, that I wanted a memory so I set the camera’s shooting mode to “continuous”, held my breath and then held the shutter down for a few seconds hoping at least one image would be fairly sharp. No…it’s not SLR quality but it actually made a very nice print. Moral? Never underestimate the capability of a compact camera!

Turret Arch sunrise

In an effort to learn photography, but mainly as a way to see the West, I attended a lot of photography workshops when I moved to Arizona. As a result, I’ve captured many iconic scenes at sunrise such as this view of Turret Arch in Arches National Park (Oct 2001). I’m glad I attended those workshops back then or I wouldn’t have some most of my best sunrise shots!