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Flagstaff Fall Color Part Four

mjensen_buffalo-park-milkweed-seed-4257 More Fall images from the past few days. All images in this and past Flagstaff posts were edited on my Laptop so please forgive odd colors if you see any! Click on the Following to see previous posts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Three

mjensen_hart-prairie-rd-aspens-0070 Still waiting for full blown color but enjoying the Aspen trees nonetheless! Following are more bits of color from various locations in Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part One

mjensen-infrared-aspens-hart-prairiePredicting prime time for fall color is difficult because there are just too many factors involved. This year, for instance, our weather has been strange which might be the reason the leaves are turning about a week later than the past several years but who knows?! I was prepared for no color by bringing along my Infrared converted camera. Here are some of my favorite first shots. Read more

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf

Raindrops on a tiny Aspen leaf. Shot with Canon 90mm Tilt/Shift lens.


Aspen and Pine at Schultz Pass. I can’t help shaking my camera at trees 🙂

Aspen Stand

One last drive down Last Dollar Road.