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Animas Forks Cabin

High Dynamic Range was the only way to capture the extreme contrasts of this mid day shot of a cabin at Animas Forks Ghost Town in Colorado. To further contribute to the art look, I added a couple of textures and then used the Oil Paint setting in Pixel Bender.

Our Navigator

Although we do have a Garmin Navigator, Cloe does a really good job of showing us the right roads to take. Both she and Cleo love RVing and have requested to go to places like CATalina, the CATskills and CATmandu 🙂

Here’s Cloe in HDR. Happy Halloween!

Watchman and Virgin River

The weather did not cooperate for my shot of the Watchman at Zion National Park so I shot in HDR once again. I might not have the sunset shot everyone strives for but I really like how this turned out!

Lower Pine Creek Falls

Lower Pine Creek Falls in Zion National Park. Another challenging (got wet) but extremely worthwhile hike. No sun so I shot in HDR which worked really well to brighten everything up. Please overlook the over-sharpening. (Note Chris at top right).

Gunnison River

Black Canyon of the Gunnison is absolutely spectacular and I was so happy to know you could drive to the bottom because it takes super human strength to hike down. The trail drops 1800 feet in one mile! A piece of cake for Chris 🙂

Black Canyon mostly runs East to West so along with its depth, it can be difficult to photograph. The first of Summer is the best time to catch the sun on the Gunnison River.

Last Dollar Road

I would venture to guess that Last Dollar Road is the most photographed road in Colorado! It’s absolutely breathtaking in the fall but also excellent in Summer because of Wildflowers. I couldn’t find the origin of the name but I seem to remember it had something to do with a miner. Back in the 1800s, Last Dollar Road was a trail used by Basque sheep herders. You can still see evidence of their carvings in the aspen trees.

Bagley Mine and Mill

Bagley Mine and Mill is on the edge of Animas Forks Ghost Town.

Old Lime Creek Road

HDR shot on Old Lime Creek Road just outside of Durango, Colorado.