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Posts tagged ‘Utah’

Goblin Valley

During one of our Utah road trips, we took an unscheduled detour to check out Goblin Valley. It was out of the way and we would only have a little over an hour to check it out but we had never been and might never be in this area again so we went. It was totally worth the extra driving! It was incredible and unlike anywhere we’d ever been. Now we can’t wait to go back to explore. Our first impression? “Scrubbing Bubbles” 🙂

Sego Canyon Pictographs

This image shows another of my passions….Rock Art! This huge panel is in Sego Canyon, Utah and is made up of Pictographs which are painted on instead of being etched out as Petroglyphs are. Lucky for us the dyes last so long. I added contrast using Photoshop which makes the art more visible.

Sunflower Hill

Here’s another of my favorite infrareds. The Sunflower Hill Bed and Breakfast in Moab, Utah is one of the most special places we’ve ever stayed and I felt infrared would show off its charm perfectly. This was taken in 2003 with my Minolta Dimage 7. Shortly after, they put in a hot tub on the side lawn which took away a lot of the charm in my opinion but it’s still a great place with fabulous breakfasts!

Turret Arch sunrise

In an effort to learn photography, but mainly as a way to see the West, I attended a lot of photography workshops when I moved to Arizona. As a result, I’ve captured many iconic scenes at sunrise such as this view of Turret Arch in Arches National Park (Oct 2001). I’m glad I attended those workshops back then or I wouldn’t have some most of my best sunrise shots!