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Posts tagged ‘textured image’

Elf Owl

The Elf Owl is the smallest owl in the Sonoran Desert. Notice his broken and magled wing. Sadly, he will never fly again but he has a good home with Liberty Wildlife Rescue. Think about donating to a wildlife rescue in your area. They need help!
(still busy so Google Plus is an easier option for posting images. CLICK HERE)

Hummingbird Saved by Textures

Two friends and I hiked to a spring high up in the McDowell Mountains this past week and as we approached, we were delighted to observe a hummingbird gathering fluff from cattails for her nest. I instantly raised my camera but in my excitement, forgot to double check the settings. The image was greatly underexposed. I waited for about 30 minutes but she never came back. I almost deleted this image but then remembered that texture blending can do wonders with underexposed images and they did! At least it is good enough for a small print and a wonderful memory 🙂

Seed Head

I shot this and many other images of Dandelion seed heads this past Spring with texture blending in mind. The process is very easy but success can be hit or miss depending on the type and color of texture you use on top of your image. This was one of the rare times when it worked perfectly. I love how it came together.

I applied 4 textures downloaded free from Image Abstraction and Flickr.

Queens and Sunflowers

A photo of Queen Butterflies taken last week at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Two images of texture were added along with lots of blending and other Photoshop magic. It’s a process that really doesn’t have an end so it’s difficult to stop 🙂

Queen butterflies on sunflowers