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Snow in the Preserve

More photos from Sunday’s snow appearance. We went out very early knowing it would melt quickly once the sun came up. Because we were trying to see all our favorite areas covered in snow, we moved quickly which meant shooting mostly handheld at a high ISO. Noise was easy to get rid of but the color balance still needs work. I’ll blame it on my monitor since it’s past time to calibrate 🙂

Revised Forecast

Two days ago, NOAA forecast snow down to 2000ft. Yesterday afternoon it revised to 3000ft (we’re at 2500). I’m still holding out hope for a snow covered Saguaro but now I’ll need to drive a little north of here. So…here’s another shot from December 1998. (scanned from slide)

Balanced Rock

MSC hike to Balanced Rock, State Trust Land (now Preserve!)
An appropriate name…no? Personally…I think it looks like a giant molar 🙂 (captured Oct 2007 with Infrared converted Canon Powershot S3)