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Our First Week of Summer

Sonoran Desert SunriseThis last week, we experienced the hottest temperatures since living here and, in fact, some areas set new records! Before you feel sorry for us, though, know that although we would prefer it not get this hot, we all know how to deal with the heat. We all have air conditioned homes and cars and businesses are air conditioned so it is easy to escape. Also, because it is so dry here, even the smallest amount of shade can offer a little relief. You can tell who are locals because they are the ones standing in the shade of ANYTHING. Read more

Droidx Sunrise

Sunrise captured with my Droidx on my walk this morning.
(Preset to shoot Black and White).

Salt River

I have Larry Levy to thank for this gorgeous view! Yesterday, four of us bushwhacked our way across high desert going through several thick stands of brush and Mesquite trees and have the scars to show for it. Our ultimate goal was to try to find some ruins that had been spotted high on a cliff by river rafters but we gave up on that and instead ventured over to see where Coon Creek enters the Salt River. More photos tomorrow.

Early Morning

View of Superstitions from Marcus Landslide Trail captured yesterday morning.

Revised Forecast

Two days ago, NOAA forecast snow down to 2000ft. Yesterday afternoon it revised to 3000ft (we’re at 2500). I’m still holding out hope for a snow covered Saguaro but now I’ll need to drive a little north of here. So…here’s another shot from December 1998. (scanned from slide)

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights drive-bys last night. Love the Saguaros wrapped in lights!