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Flora Survey Round Two

Today marked the second round of the Flora Survey of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Today we went to the Lost Dog Wash and boy…was it dry! So far this year, we’ve only received half the amount of normal rainfall so much of our desert is very dry. We did manage to find one plant that hadn’t been documented, though. We had lots of fun including almost stepping on a sleeping Rattlesnake! We were literally inches from it. We then came across and collected a Javelina skull and a small carnivore’s skull which we guessed might be a baby coyote. They will be used by the Conservancy’s naturalist in her educational programs. She was very excited to get them 🙂

Besides collecting (I’m a Steward), I typically also take photos for the Conservancy’s Facebook Page. Here is a collage of some of those photos.

Tis the Season!

Snake season is upon us! This guy greeted a friend and I on a trail yesterday. He was literally inches from the path but we would never have seen him if he hadn’t warned us. Intrigued, we experimented to see how far away we needed to be before he got upset and it was always about 10 feet. Don’t know if that’s typical but it was interesting. 🙂

Captured with my Canon SX1. (I would have preferred my SLR in this case)