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Hiking in the Rain

Went to Camp Creek Falls this morning in the rain with hopes of seeing lots of water. We weren’t disappointed and it was fun getting wet 🙂 CLICK HERE for images of Camp Creek falls taken a few years ago.

Rainy Day Hike

When the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy advertises a public hike, we need to show up no matter the weather. As it turned out, we only had Stewards show up. We could have gone home but every one of us was looking forward to enjoying the desert in the rain! (My trusty Canon SX1 did a good job of capturing the morning).

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf

Raindrops on a tiny Aspen leaf. Shot with Canon 90mm Tilt/Shift lens.

Rainy Days

We have very few rainy days here so when one comes along, I enjoy every moment 🙂


I found these tracks after our last big rain and thought they looked like Raccoon but since we’ve never seen one in all the years we’ve lived up here, I wasn’t sure. I checked the Arizona Game and Fish website and it does look like they might have been made by a Raccoon. They say they are typically in riparian areas or where there is an abundant source of water. There is a large wash with a spring in between our neighborhood and the Preserve but maybe they like the swimming pools in the neighborhood more 🙂

Welcomed Rain

We had a fantastic and VERY loud storm last night! It produced more lightening than I’d seen in a very long time and we ended up with more than 1 1/4 inches of rain which was extremely welcomed. I should be showing a photo of lightening today but instead I’m sharing another shot of flowers in the rain. I don’t have an ID for this shrub yet but the flowers sure were pretty!

Canon 24-105mm at 75mm handheld. ISO 400. 1/125th sec at f/6.3


We had quite a bit of rain during our Colorado road trip. Instead of running for cover, though, I continue to shoot because the light can be great! If you look back at my Snowshoe Hare post, you’ll notice the hares are wet and the flower colors are popping. In this image, I think the rain adds to the story of how much this area has deteriorated.

Rainy Day Color

It was overcast and rainy for a good portion of our recent trip but wow….is that a positive for fall color! Here’s another shot from Pumphouse Wash north of Sedona. As many of you know, I have avoided tripods because they really slow me down but I now have a new appreciation. There’s no doubt my image quality would have suffered without it. As for slowing me down? I’m kind of slowing down anyway 🙂

Red Maple