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Posts tagged ‘ornament’

Santa in a Mac

Apparently, Santa uses a Mac? Actually…maybe not anymore since the model in this photo is now an antique! Thanks to my friend Jennifer W. who says it is probably a LCII..whatever that is 🙂

Holiday Stars

This ornament was photographed using a Lensbabies lens with a creative filter that added even more stars to the photo. To see more of my photos, CLICK HERE to go to my Google Plus page.

Holiday Cardinal

I love birds and have several on my tree. This cute little cardinal was photographed with a Lensbabies lens. CLICK HERE for more of my photos my Google Plus page.

I Love Snowmen

So far you know I love Santas and Cyclists but I really love Snowmen! I have ones made of cloth, wood, crystal, fabric and more. This little sparkley guy is one of my favorites. He’s part angel with a pinch of devil. Shot with a Lensbaby. Not only can you isolate your subject in the sweet spot but these lenses bend light. This is great in extreme highlight situations but when you use one of the creative aperture disks on specular highlights, you get especially pretty Bokeh.

Santa and Cyclists

More of my favorite ornaments but this time I used a Flaming Pear filter called Flexify to enclose them in a glass ball. I added a glass loop on top of the ball, sprinkled some photoshop snow inside and finished with a bevel and drop shadow. Fun stuff 🙂

Cyclist Ornament

This cyclist ornament was shot with a Lensbaby using a creative aperture attactment which makes any strong highlights into the shape of the cutout you choose. In this case, it’s stars. I then applied the Fractalius filter to smooth down the edges. I typically apply the filter to a layer copy and then mask in what I want. Otherwise, the effect can be too strong.

Ridin’ aroun’ the christmas tree…(sing along) 🙂