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Posts tagged ‘neighborhood’

Sun Kissed Granite

A quick end of day shot during an evening walk. I was hoping for some clouds and a nice sunset but this sun kissed granite boulder looks good too 🙂


I found these tracks after our last big rain and thought they looked like Raccoon but since we’ve never seen one in all the years we’ve lived up here, I wasn’t sure. I checked the Arizona Game and Fish website and it does look like they might have been made by a Raccoon. They say they are typically in riparian areas or where there is an abundant source of water. There is a large wash with a spring in between our neighborhood and the Preserve but maybe they like the swimming pools in the neighborhood more 🙂


Vignette is the name of a photography application for my Droid X. I had read in forums that shooting with some apps could result in better image quality and it’s really true. Not only does Vignette give you options for creative processing in the camera but it also allows you to adjust many camera functions not available with the default camera. Things like white balance, focusing options and scene modes. On the flip side, there are some apps that reduce quality and some won’t work with full resolution images which I found out after the fact. I’ve tried several apps so far….some free…some not…and Vignette is the best so far.

DroidX photo of Prickly Pear Cactus loaded with fruit taken during my walk this morning.

Mule Deer

Mule Deer are often seen in our neighborhood, especially in the summer, so when we started our hike this morning, I hoped we’d encounter one. This one bounded away when it heard us coming but then stopped just long enough to get one shot. It’s tough to hold the camera still at maximum zoom with my compact but I got my photo of the day 🙂

(Edited on my laptop so this might be darker than it should be)