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Happy New Year!

Even with all our rains lately, fireworks are banned at the moment. However, we can buy fireworks! That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it??! Anyway…if we want to see a display, we’ll need to go out of state. This image is a composite of several bursts from an evening of fireworks at the pier in Cayucos, California. Although the finale wasn’t quite this many bursts, it was one of the best we’ve seen.

Holiday Light Displays

You’re probably tired of seeing them but I never tire of moving my camera while shooting holiday lights. Swing your camera, doe-see-doe 🙂

Red Rock Fantasy

Every year, Sedona’s Los Abrigados hotel puts on a spectacular light display called Red Rock Fantasy to benefit local charities. Last night, we experienced the best display ever! As you can see, I prefer shaking and/or zooming my camera at the lights. The varying movement of the lights is controlled by the direction I move my camera. No tripod. ISO ranged from 200 to 800 with shutterspeeds from 1/8th sec to 3 seconds. To see more images, check my Holiday Album on Google Plus. Fun 🙂