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Posts tagged ‘droidX’

Street Photography

My Droidx is my camera of choice on morning walks and I’ve been having fun with one of my photo apps (Vignette) which allows photos to be taken in a filmstrip format (4 images each). I combined 3 of these filmstrips for today’s post. It’s my version of Street Photography 🙂

Capturing Cloe

Getting a head shot of Cloe is tough. Like me, she’s extremely camera shy 🙂 Droidx capture of Cloe on her favorite boulder.

Glochid Monster

Here’s a shot of the Prickly Pear Cactus that GOT me with its Glochids on Jan 16 as I was shooting sunrise. I was squatted down just to the right of it in order to be low enough to capture the cholla skeleton against the sky.

DroidX photo grunged up with a couple of textures.

Cell Phone-ography

A quick shot with my DroidX using one of my many creative apps. Such fun! I’m jealous, though, of you iPhone 4 users because you have many, many more creative options. CLICK HERE for some of the most popular. When my contract is up, I’ll be getting an iPhone through Verizon. That’s two years away which seems a long way away BUT by then, the camera in these devices is bound to have improved by leaps and bounds!

Entering Zion

It’s still raining. A challenge but I’m up for it 🙂
DroidX image through windshield.

Take a Hike

Hiking season with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy is in full swing so come out and join us! There are fitness hikes and educational hikes…..generally one of each on the weekends. This morning, we learned about Holes, Tracks and Scat in the Desert from leader Len Marciz. Excellent! (Droidx image)

Cleo’s Chair

I haven’t posted a kitty photo in awhile so here is Cleo in his chair.

DroidX image

Colorado Road Trip

My Droidx captures the road through the RV windshield. To create this montage, I added a section of map showing our route and a couple of textures.