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Posts tagged ‘digital darkroom’

Collared Lizard

This female Collared Lizard typically hangs out in the same spot on the upper trail at Boyce Thompson Arboretum so you’re likely to get a shot of her if you take that great hike. She was in deep shade so I took a few shots and used Photomatix and some Topaz filters to bring out detail. Captured with Canon 7D and Canon 300mm lens. ISO 400, f/5.7 @ 1/320th sec.

Flagstaff Sunflowers

If you missed getting to Flagstaff this past month, you missed the best show of Sunflowers in at least 10 years, they say. Here’s an HDR shot of one field early in the morning. I was lucky to have almost no wind.

Bird in Wildflowers

A montage containing a sweet little bird, two photos of dried flowers, blowing grasses and some rusty metal.

Queens and Sunflowers

A photo of Queen Butterflies taken last week at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Two images of texture were added along with lots of blending and other Photoshop magic. It’s a process that really doesn’t have an end so it’s difficult to stop 🙂

Queen butterflies on sunflowers

Saguaro Face

I see creatures in Saguaro scars and this one called to me on my walk this morning 🙂

Happy Independence Day!

This composite featuring Death Valley is something I’ve wanted to try ever since I saw something similar a few years ago. Fun, don’t you think?! Happy 4th!


A mirrored image from Los Osos Oaks Reserve gives a good sense of what this place is like. Through most of the park, you’re walking under a canopy of Oak branches. It’s a bit spooky at times but so much fun for a photographer that you can’t resist moving on.