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Be Back Soon!

msjensen-cardinalSorry for my absence. I promise I’ll be back soon! In the meantime, if you want to see what I’m shooting on a daily basis, please follow me on Instagram Read more

Holiday Cardinal

I love birds and have several on my tree. This cute little cardinal was photographed with a Lensbabies lens. CLICK HERE for more of my photos my Google Plus page.

Back to Normal

Actually….this is a test to see if all is back to normal. This image was taken recently and shows a Cardinal and House Finch enjoying sunflower seeds on the Desert Feeder. By the way, the “under construction” photo from last week shows how I installed the bird feeder.

Feeding the Birds

Expressions like this compel me to continue giving the Cardinals sunflower seeds 🙂
Captured from my dining room window.

Cardinal Approval

I just installed a new bird feeder, put some sunflower seeds in one of the plates and voila! I’m guessing this is the same pair of Cardinals that comes here every year. They nest in the lower part of the wash on my property and, although I’ve never found the nest, I’ve been lucky to see fledglings. I hope to see babies again this year!


Yet another rainstorm last night gave us dramatic light late yesterday. I was enjoying the navy blue skies when this Cardinal flew into my scene. He played peekaboo for about 5 minutes and then left. Out of about a dozen images, this was the only one where his head wasn’t totally obscured. Not very sharp focus but there’s a catch light in his eye so I decided it was a keeper. Besides…I needed a photo for today 🙂