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A mirrored image from Los Osos Oaks Reserve gives a good sense of what this place is like. Through most of the park, you’re walking under a canopy of Oak branches. It’s a bit spooky at times but so much fun for a photographer that you can’t resist moving on.


An infrared image from Los Osos Oaks Reserve in California. It was captured in 2004 at a workshop with a borrowed Canon 15mm lens. Because of the crop factor of the D60, there was almost no distortion. I ordered the lens right then and there 🙂

Awaiting pollinators

My back-up drives are nearly full but rather than buying more storage, I decided to start culling out worthless images…..something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Lightroom makes the process go relatively quickly and so far I’ve been able to recover a considerable amount of space.

Besides enjoying a trip down memory lane, I’m also finding images I have never processed like this Icelandic Poppy and Spider from June, 2003.

Spiders will wait for prey on flowers loaded with pollen.