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Butterflies at BTA

BTA is short for Boyce Thompson Arboretum; a wonderful place for photography just an hour and fifteen minutes away from home. Like many Arboretums, it has gardens representing many parts of the world so there are lots of interesting plants to photograph (my favorite area is the Australian Outback) but most people go for the birds and butterflies. This morning I joined an organized butterfly walk. Read more

Higher Elevation Butterflies

Back to the Colonel Devin Trail in Payson, Arizona yesterday with hopes the Butterfly Weed was finally in bloom. (It was late to bloom this year so we found very little on the last trip up). This time, we saw plenty and were rewarded with Western Tiger Swallowtails and Northwestern Fitillaries nectaring on it. My favorite photos from the hike are below. Read more

Planting for Caterpillars

When first installing landscaping around my house, I was determined to plant only flora that were native to our area. However, there isn’t much that blooms for any length of time so I also planted Lantana for color. It didn’t take long before I started seeing Butterflies visiting and feeding on the flowers and in no time I developed a passion for photographing Butterflies! I wanted to find more!

Searching for Butterflies with CAZBA

Searching for Butterflies with CAZBA

Someone suggested I check out a local butterfly group (cazba). When I did, I was excited to see their list of great looking outings. What better way to find butterflies than to tag along with people who know how to find them. Duh! I joined their group, of course.

By the end of that first outing (2009), I became enlightened to the secret to finding butterflies. You simply go to places where butterflies lay their eggs. The most interesting thing I learned that day, though, was how specific each species of Butterfly is as to where they lay their eggs! Read more

Colonel Devin Trail Butterflies

Colonel Devin Trail, Payson, AZMy butterfly group went on our annual butterfly hunt on the Colonel Devin Trail this past Saturday (just 1.5 hrs from home). Read more

Butterflies and Beetles

Yesterday was the last official day for the flora survey until after the hot weather. Although I did get some photos of flowers, my prize captures yesterday were a couple of butterflies and a gorgeous red beetle! At upper left is a Marine Blue Butterfly. Lower left is a Mormon Metalmark Butterfly. It took a lot of googling to ID the beetle but I finally found that it’s a Bloody Net-Winged Beetle. What a name!