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I had a very disappointing visit to the Phoenix Zoo this morning….photographically, that is. It’s been many years since I’ve been and many of the exhibits have changed making them no longer photography friendly. The animals probably love their new enclosures but there are many more barriers putting them farther away and worse is that many exhibits are now behind heavily fingerprinted and scratched plexiglass. I should say, though, that the majority of the visitors were families with young children who had no absolutely no complaints!

Aspens Stirred

This impressionistic photograph of Aspen Trees and Cutleaf Coneflowers was captured along Schultz Creek Trail in Flagstaff. I love moving my camera during exposure! Because I’ve been doing it for so long, I can almost predict every time what a photo will look like using certain movements. I’m often asked exactly how to do it but it really boils down to practice. That goes for any photographic style you love; macro, landscapes, etc. Practice, practice, practice like a musician with his instrument!

Aspen Corner

There are several photo-worthy and easy trails right off Snowbowl Road including Aspen Corner. Not too many wildflowers right now so I opted to play with light and the trees by moving my camera during exposure.

McCormick Railroad Park

We checked out McCormick Railroad Park for the first time this past Saturday night and found out what the big deal was! First…it’s a must for anyone with children or if you are a child at heart. For me, it was a chance to see their elaborate light displays. Thomas the Train (upper right) greeted us at the entrance and it just got better from there. Fun, fun 🙂

Shaken and Stirred

We went to Luminaria at the Desert Botanical Garden a couple of nights ago. Gotta hear the bell ringers to officially get into the holiday spirit! I had a little fun with their tree by shaking and stirring my camera while taking the photos. You can probably guess which way I was moving my camera by the shape and direction of the streaks. Fun stuff 🙂

Ponderosa Pines

Capturing Ponderosa Pines abstractly while hiking in Pumphouse Wash.

Fall Impressions

These Aspen tree abstracts were created by moving my camera during the exposure.

Fall Approaching

An upcoming road trip to Colorado has me thinking about shaking my camera at fall color again. Can’t wait! Here’s an example taken last year at Sedona’s West Fork Trail.