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Quaking Aspen

I did a little research as to why the leaves on these beautiful trees twist and turn (quake) like they do and found the following on Wikipedia: “It is thought to help protect the trees from severe winds, perhaps by helping dissipate energy more uniformly throughout the canopy”. That was only one of several very interesting explanations. Read the others here: Quaking Aspen

As most know, I love shaking my camera at things so here’s a different take on one of the most popular ways of shooting Aspens.

Atlas Mine

This was one of a few buildings standing around the Atlas Mine on Yankee Boy Basin Road. Shooting in the middle of the day isn’t ideal but who could pass up this Aspen show! (HDR and Photomatix came to the rescue).

Schultz Creek Trail Aspens

This was a challenging scene to capture because the best vantage point was down a steep embankment off Schultz Pass Road. Totally worth the effort, though! Hope the color isn’t too far off. I’ve been transitioning to a new computer for a couple of weeks now and I’m not working on a calibrated monitor.


I have so many traditional shots of fall color that all I did last year was shake and swing my camera at it. This is what Aspens can look like when you intentional move your camera during exposure. If you’ve never tried this, be prepared for lots of misses but with practice, you can predict the effect you’ll achieve with any given movement. I’ve been hooked on this fun since 2003 when I heard Jack Davis talk about sticking his point and shoot camera out of his car window as he was driving. I was mesmerized by his results and couldn’t wait to try it 🙂

Tech stuff: Canon 5DMKII, Canon 24-105 at 32mm, ISO 100, 1/8th second at f/22.