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Grand Canyon Morning

This shot from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is another photo from my archives brought to a new life with textures.

Sears Point Petroglyphs

The Sears Point Petroglyph Site is located about 40 miles beyond Gila Bend. A long drive from Scottsdale but well worth it especially if you want to see a tremendous amount of rock art in just one place. This panorama shows just one of multiple panels. Very exciting…to me anyway!

Goldfield Ghost Town

Our Meetup group had a shoot at Goldfield Ghost Town this morning. I couldn’t make it until later so the sun was nice and bright by the time I got there. I used Topaz and Nik filters to rescue some of the photos.

Maples in Arizona

Word has it that the Maples along the West Fork Trail are turning! Stay tuned.
(Fall Color Album)

I Love Heat

It was 102 up here yesterday (113+ in the valley!) but for the first time since I’ve lived here, I’m not complaining. OK….love might be an exaggeration but I’ve really come to appreciate it over all the natural disasters the rest of the country has to endure 🙁

Captured with my Droidx on my walk yesterday morning.

Greasewood Flat Scene

I added a layer of texture to this scene shot in infrared at Greasewood Flat.

Reata Pass

Reata Pass is only a couple of miles from my house so I run up there whenever I’m in need of a photo of the day. My hope is that this section along Alma School won’t suffer the same fate as the Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse where the majority of old buildings are. That area has been slated for development 🙁

DroidX capture

Grand Canyon

This shot of the Grand Canyon was captured with a Canon Powershot and although I liked the composition, the image was very flat. I thought I’d try some filters on it and this is the result.