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Posts from the ‘Weather’ Category

Sonoran Storm

We’ve had two great days of rain in the last week so I’ve had to dodge raindrops to get a photo for the day. Black/White by Topaz Labs.

Rainy Morning Quail

How can I resist feeding these guys on a cold/rainy morning 🙂

Cold Front Coming

We haven’t really had a fall here yet (temperature wise, that is) but that’s pretty typical. We go from daytime 80s to daytime 60s overnight. Just perfect for decorating my tree this weekend 🙂

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf

Raindrops on a tiny Aspen leaf. Shot with Canon 90mm Tilt/Shift lens.

Sacred Datura

We had a wonderful rain last night; temps dropped more than 10 degrees and we’re told cool temps are here to stay. Fall has begun! Oh Happy Day 🙂

Sacred Datura spotted this morning and shot with my DroidX. It does Macro well!

Cotton Candy Cloud

One of the coolest storm clouds I’ve ever seen. In far North Arizona.

Cat on a Hot Rock

It has been really hot but Cleo and Cloe love it! It doesn’t make sense to me since they have fur coats but they like to lay out in their enclosure or on the warm concrete floor in the garage all day. At night, they are forced to endure air conditioning 🙂

Waterholes Canyon

I was reminded, yesterday, of my first trip to Waterholes Canyon and thought I’d post a photo (scanned from slide) from that trip. It was taken in 1998 during an Arizona Highways Workshop to Northern Arizona. The guy taking a nap is our leader Jerry Sieve. He was really nervous that day because there was a definite threat of rain. Slot canyons are a dangerous place to be during a rainstorm so Jerry told us if we heard any thunder, we would be leaving immediately!

It was my first experience with slot canyons and I was blown away by the experience. However, my experience pales in comparison to Chris’ first trip there earlier this year. He had quite an adventure! CLICK HERE to check out some of his images from his trip.