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We had quite a bit of rain during our Colorado road trip. Instead of running for cover, though, I continue to shoot because the light can be great! If you look back at my Snowshoe Hare post, you’ll notice the hares are wet and the flower colors are popping. In this image, I think the rain adds to the story of how much this area has deteriorated.

Cow Parsnip

Cow Parsnip (Heracleum sphondylium) was thick in the forest around Priest Gulch. It was raining when we first arrived and I thought they looked especially beautiful. Like their larger European relative, Giant Hog Weed, touching them can irritate your skin causing blisters and heightened sensitivity to sunlight. What’s interesting is you can eat the stems! Preparation must be very tricky!

Red Mountain Mining Camp

This was my second time visiting the Red Mountain Mining Camp. I decided to shoot infrared. I added a little diffuse glow to the image to soften it. Looks like winter!

Colorado Columbine

When photographing Wildflowers, you want to look for freshly opened specimens because they’re typically unblemished and full of pollen. We’ve seen very few Columbine this trip so when I saw this beauty at 11,300 feet, I risked life and limb (really!) by climbing down a steep slope. I wouldn’t have done it if Chris hadn’t been close by, of course 🙂

Alta Mining Camp

We went back a second time to further explore the Alta Mining Camp and for more wildflowers. The camp covers a very large area with spectacular veiws and although the buildings are pretty run down, there is lots to shoot. I wish I could find more information but there’s almost none about the camp online. I’ll have to check out some history books. CLICK HERE for a link to some photos of Colorado Mines.

Snowshoe Hare

While searching for Wildflowers on Alta Mine Road, we encountered these guys. I could tell by their eyes they were Hares and not rabbits so I looked them up and found they are Showshoe Hares. Wow….did that bring back memories. The last time I saw Snowshoe Hares was when I lived in Canada. It brought up a memory of getting in trouble in class when the teacher was telling us about them. She explained how their huge wide hind legs made it easy for them to run in snow and thus escape their predators. Always wanting to share my knowledge (yes it started early 🙂 ), I raised my hand and announced that the Hares also turned white in the winter and I knew it because I had seen it. The teacher (a city girl new to farmland) accused me of making it up! I was given some kind of punishment…probably writing “I must not lie” a hundred times on the blackboard. The next day, she apologized to me in front of the whole class and we discussed the phenomenon of this hare turning white in the winter 🙂

Priest Gulch Wildflowers

Wildflowers and bugs on Priest Gulch Trail…fun stuff!

L-R: Scarlet Gilia, Oxeye Daisy, Penstemon

Priest Gulch

Priest Gulch is our new favorite place to camp (2nd to Sedona). The campground is seemingly out in the middle of nowhere sitting right along the Delores River. The scenery is spectacular, Wildflowers are blooming, there is no cell service but they have internet…..just perfect 🙂