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Posts from the ‘Camera Phone’ Category

Pickin’ Time

It’s an especially good year for Prickly Pear fruit! They look so yummy that I took my friend Alice’s advice and put some in the freezer. Now to check out some recipes. There’s so much more you can do than just that jellied Prickly Pear Candy 🙂

Droid shot of Prickly Pear Fruit during a recent morning walk

Morning Face

I pass this spot almost every day on my morning walks but I had never noticed this Saguaro. Lighting is key to seeing faces in the desert and I was out a little earlier than usual yesterday OR he might just have moved into the neighborhood 🙂
Droidx Capture

I Love Heat

It was 102 up here yesterday (113+ in the valley!) but for the first time since I’ve lived here, I’m not complaining. OK….love might be an exaggeration but I’ve really come to appreciate it over all the natural disasters the rest of the country has to endure 🙁

Captured with my Droidx on my walk yesterday morning.

Droidx Sunrise

Sunrise captured with my Droidx on my walk this morning.
(Preset to shoot Black and White).

Garden Ants

My latest art find for my yard captured with my Droidx. An overload of cute 🙂

Street Photography

My Droidx is my camera of choice on morning walks and I’ve been having fun with one of my photo apps (Vignette) which allows photos to be taken in a filmstrip format (4 images each). I combined 3 of these filmstrips for today’s post. It’s my version of Street Photography 🙂

Capturing Cloe

Getting a head shot of Cloe is tough. Like me, she’s extremely camera shy 🙂 Droidx capture of Cloe on her favorite boulder.

Glochid Monster

Here’s a shot of the Prickly Pear Cactus that GOT me with its Glochids on Jan 16 as I was shooting sunrise. I was squatted down just to the right of it in order to be low enough to capture the cholla skeleton against the sky.

DroidX photo grunged up with a couple of textures.