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Posts from the ‘Flora’ Category

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Three

mjensen_hart-prairie-rd-aspens-0070 Still waiting for full blown color but enjoying the Aspen trees nonetheless! Following are more bits of color from various locations in Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part Two

mjensen-inner-basin-trail-aspen-sky-4350There was a LITTLE color when I first arrived and even a yellow tree here and there but overall, it has another week to go. Here are some color photos from my first few days in Flagstaff. Read more

Flagstaff Fall Color Part One

mjensen-infrared-aspens-hart-prairiePredicting prime time for fall color is difficult because there are just too many factors involved. This year, for instance, our weather has been strange which might be the reason the leaves are turning about a week later than the past several years but who knows?! I was prepared for no color by bringing along my Infrared converted camera. Here are some of my favorite first shots. Read more

Favorite Trails

mjensen-balanced-rockEven during summer, I do A LOT of hiking in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (starting before sunrise). Several new trails opened this year giving us access into some really interesting places. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve now encompasses over 27,000 acres and more land is set to be preserved. The north area of the Preserve is my favorite not only because the area is very close to home but because of the amazing terrain and rock formations! Following are some photos from my favorite trails. Read more

Desert Shrooms and Blooms

mjensen-desert-shrooms-2018I’m back in Flagstaff but I’m not going to post anything from here until I catch up! So I will divide the rest of September into 3 posts starting with the wonderful rains we received early this month. Lots of rain is needed for Fungi to pop up in the Desert and we received both! Read more

Flagstaff August Part Three

mjensen_butterfly-mourning-cloak-9160Butterflies only come out on sunny days so I didn’t see many. Wildflowers were also spotty but I did manage to get some photos of both. I’ll start with the butterflies and bugs and follow up with Wildflowers. Read more

Flagstaff Wildflower Scouting

View along Interstate 17

View along Interstate 17

Driving up to Flagstaff took a little longer this time because of road construction but it still went fairly quickly with no long waits. Here are a few photos from the road. Read more

Flagstaff Part Six-Scenics

mjensen-flagstaff-wildflowers-8340Landscape photography is not something I do very often. I’m always happy when I do, though, so I’m consciously trying to remember to do more. This post features some views I remembered to take! Read more