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Selective Focus

Cottonwood leaves photographed using a very large aperture rendering the background leaves to a wash of green.

The Watchman and Virgin River

Photographers who go to Zion National Park probably end up with dozens (or even hundreds!) of this quintessential view of the Watchman. How can we resist?! It was overcast and drizzling when I got this shot but I added a few textures to age it a bit and I ended up with something a little different.

Thoughts of Fall

I’m hosting two meetups in Sedona next month and the big question is “Will we see color?!”. The answer is we won’t know til we get there. Stories are coming in from friends that fall color is late in Colorado so it might be late here too. If there’s no color, though, you can make your own with the help of photo software. These Oak leaves started as a pale shade of yellow/brown until I manipulated them with gradient maps, H/S, flipping, inverting, merging, compositing… other words….the hard way. I’m not poo-pooing apps….I just don’t have an iPhone/iPad and all the fun apps to play with 🙂

The Watchman

If you’ve ever been to Zion National Park, you’ve no doubt ended up with scores of photographers lined up at the Junction bridge waiting to capture the calendar shot of the Watchman at sunset. Been there, done that so this time I walked farther down the Pa’rus trail to find a little different view. It’s not sunset but close to it. Shot in HDR and processed in Photomatix. Photo Tip: When your subject is far away, there will be A LOT of foreground so make sure this foreground is interesting. Otherwise, consider moving or zooming in to your subject so you exclude anything that doesn’t add to your photo.


I captured this amazing Cottonwood scene in the fall of 2001. It was our second trip to Canyonlands but the first in the fall and boy did we hit a good year. Besides the trees, the shrubbery really caught my eye because it was also surprisingly colorful. We’ve been back several times in the fall and I always check on this area but it has never looked this amazing.

Shot with Minolta Dimage 7 (my first digital)

Lower Pine Creek Falls Zion

Our friend Richard has been coming to Zion for years but had never seen the falls so we decided to re-visit before we left. No complaints from me especially since I regretted not capturing a side view of the falls. Didn’t get wet this time, thanks to Chris 🙂

Our Navigator

Although we do have a Garmin Navigator, Cloe does a really good job of showing us the right roads to take. Both she and Cleo love RVing and have requested to go to places like CATalina, the CATskills and CATmandu 🙂

Here’s Cloe in HDR. Happy Halloween!

Zion Maple Triptych

On our latest trip, I was determined to take time to really work a subject when I found a pleasing one. With these wonderful leaves, I got close, closer and super close. Because I was using a fixed focal lens (Canon 180 Macro), I used my feet to change position. Shooting in the shade resulted in very saturated color so all I did was add slight contrast and sharpening.