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Desert Shrooms and Blooms

mjensen-desert-shrooms-2018I’m back in Flagstaff but I’m not going to post anything from here until I catch up! So I will divide the rest of September into 3 posts starting with the wonderful rains we received early this month. Lots of rain is needed for Fungi to pop up in the Desert and we received both! Read more

Dehydrated Queen

Unfortunately, my suspicion regarding the buds on the Arizona Queen of the Night being dehydrated was correct. My friend Joni and I went out first thing this morning and although the buds were still there, some were already detached and when the plant was bumped slightly, the rest fell off. Thankfully, the plant is really healthy so there’s always next year!

Beware of Cholla

New hikers to our area are first and foremost warned to stay away from Cholla.
Cholla creatures seem to give warnings too 🙂

Echinopsis Hybrid

Yesterday morning, I could hardly wait to check on my hybrid Echninopsis (aka Torch Cactus) and it did not disappoint! The color of this cactus is really incredible and an overcast morning made it really pop. There are more buds so I get to enjoy another round of blooms in a few days. Almost makes up for no wildflowers…..almost 🙂

Echinopsis Surprise

I thought my cactus were through blooming but all my Echinopsis in Javelina Cafe are loaded with fat buds! The first bloom appeared yesterday morning on this Echinopsis candicans. There’s a good chance my two hybrids will be full of blooms next. I can hardly wait!

Converted to Black and White and a little color brought back.

Green Flowers

Teddybear Cholla (Cylindropuntia bigelovii) are described as having green flowers but when fully open, the color is mostly cream. This particular cactus is in my yard and is loaded with dozens of blooms at the moment. Canon 24-70mm at f/5.

Love in the Air

In search of birds yesterday morning, we came across many pairs of Cactus Wrens. I assumed they were in the courting stage but toward the end of the hike, we heard baby birds chirping as one of the adults entered a nest. Definite signs of Spring! Happy Valentine’s Day all 🙂

Cholla Creatures

Do you see what I see? This one really made me smile 🙂