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Red Tailed Hawk Juveniles

I spotted these sitting atop a Palo Verde tree near my front door! They stayed just long enough for me to run in and grab a camera. My exposure wasn’t the best but with added textures and processing, I really like how it turned out. Either way, a great memory 🙂

Harris Hawk Juvenile

This Harris’ Hawk was very noisy which probably means he is a juvenile. I learned that young ones will call and complain just like they used to do in the nest when they wanted to be fed. They hunt in family groups and we’re very lucky to see them regularly. In fact, when I first got the outside enclosures for the cats, we had a couple of Harris Hawks land close to check them out! I was afraid they might be able to lift the enclosure but they just looked and flew away.

I added some textures to this because the sky was boring.

Snow Day!

Taken from my office window early this morning. When we get snow, photographers run for the desert just North of Phoenix to get photos of snow on cactus 🙂

Cold Front Coming

We haven’t really had a fall here yet (temperature wise, that is) but that’s pretty typical. We go from daytime 80s to daytime 60s overnight. Just perfect for decorating my tree this weekend 🙂

My Trusty Pink Fence Post Driver

Any time I’m using tools, I’m happy and I got to use one of my favorites today….my pink fence post driver! It’s exciting (to me, anyway) to be able to put a steel post into our dry/hard Arizona soil with not too much effort. My project turned out to be tougher than I thought, though. This tree has never been able to withstand the strong winds we get a couple of times a year so it has been tied down for the last 5 years. I got tired of tripping or falling over the wire tie downs so I asked my metal artist friend, Joan Waters, to help me figure out something a little less annoying. We put our heads together and came up with a tree collar with supports. The tough part was trying to get the driver over the poles because they were so close to the trunk but I did it. All in all, it looks a lot better than the wires. It remains to be seen if it can support the tree in high winds but I’m hopeful.

Cat on a Hot Rock

It has been really hot but Cleo and Cloe love it! It doesn’t make sense to me since they have fur coats but they like to lay out in their enclosure or on the warm concrete floor in the garage all day. At night, they are forced to endure air conditioning 🙂

Back to Normal

Actually….this is a test to see if all is back to normal. This image was taken recently and shows a Cardinal and House Finch enjoying sunflower seeds on the Desert Feeder. By the way, the “under construction” photo from last week shows how I installed the bird feeder.

Gall Midge at Work

Looking for a photo yesterday, I came across a few Creosote Galls in the making. When finished, the galls will be twice this size and the green will dry out to brown. A tiny Gall Midge (Asphondylia aurinila) is the architect behind this cool little ball.
The soft background is courtesy of my Canon 180 Macro.