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Be Back Soon!

msjensen-cardinalSorry for my absence. I promise I’ll be back soon! In the meantime, if you want to see what I’m shooting on a daily basis, please follow me on Instagram Read more

Cactus Wren Fledgling


Looking out my dining room window this morning, I see a couple of Cactus Wrens and their fledglings. This baby posed on top of my most recent garden sculpture addition. It is a scene I was hoping for when I bought this red-eyed bird from artist Joan Waters. So cute! Read more

Anna’s Hummingbird Building Nest

This photo of an Anna’s Hummingbird building her nest was taken last week at the Hummingbird Aviary at Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. I added a couple of textures.

Harris Hawk Juvenile

This Harris’ Hawk was very noisy which probably means he is a juvenile. I learned that young ones will call and complain just like they used to do in the nest when they wanted to be fed. They hunt in family groups and we’re very lucky to see them regularly. In fact, when I first got the outside enclosures for the cats, we had a couple of Harris Hawks land close to check them out! I was afraid they might be able to lift the enclosure but they just looked and flew away.

I added some textures to this because the sky was boring.

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

I assisted on an MSC Birding hike in the Preserve yesterday (Sunday) with fellow steward Phil H. who knows most all of the birds in our area. Lucky us! The hike started out with NO birds which seemed strange because there was no wind and it wasn’t as cold as it had been. On the way back, though, Phil brought out his iPhone to let us hear what certain birds sound like and low and behold, we started seeing birds! This was my first sighting of a Black Tailed Gnatcatcher (must be a female or a juvenile). My lens only went to 100mm so this is a VERY tight crop and I was pleasantly surprised to see I caught the bird singing. He was more than likely responding to Phil’s iPhone app 🙂

West Fork Bird

I hear birds while hiking the West Fork Trail but don’t always seem them!

Down Vest

Gambel’s Quail fluffing up this morning to stay warm.

Female Phainopepla

A female Phainopepla. Two images combined using Multiply blend mode.