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Aspens Stirred

This impressionistic photograph of Aspen Trees and Cutleaf Coneflowers was captured along Schultz Creek Trail in Flagstaff. I love moving my camera during exposure! Because I’ve been doing it for so long, I can almost predict every time what a photo will look like using certain movements. I’m often asked exactly how to do it but it really boils down to practice. That goes for any photographic style you love; macro, landscapes, etc. Practice, practice, practice like a musician with his instrument!

Aspen Stand Abstract

An Aspen Stand is a very special place. Because of the extra moisture there, you’re more likely to see lush flora and more wildlife. Not long after I shook my camera at this stand, a Mule Deer passed nearby. CLICK HERE to read a description of a stand.

Cool Thoughts

I’m still not complaining about the heat but I don’t mind admitting I’d like to be in Flagstaff walking through the Aspens at this time! This is from a recent hike on the Aspen Nature Loop. Soon… 🙂

Arizona Trail

Several trails off Snowbowl Road intersect with the Arizona Trail. Today my friend Judi and I hiked a portion that starts close to Aspen Corner and goes past Apsen Nature Loop. This particular trail goes all the way to Bismark Lake. At about the 2 mile mark, is the most spectacular stand of Aspens and the forest is thick with ferns. I could have stayed for hours just photographing but that’s not Judi’s thing and I knew I’d be coming back in mid August. Can’t wait!

Basque Arborglyphs

Arborglyhps were a form of communication between Basque Sheepherders as they blazed their way West. Although I can’t be sure this is actually one of their marks, many are quite detailed.

Infrared Aspens

I shot some Infrared in Colorado too. Here’s one of my favorites.

Fall Impressions

These Aspen tree abstracts were created by moving my camera during the exposure.

Last Dollar Road

I would venture to guess that Last Dollar Road is the most photographed road in Colorado! It’s absolutely breathtaking in the fall but also excellent in Summer because of Wildflowers. I couldn’t find the origin of the name but I seem to remember it had something to do with a miner. Back in the 1800s, Last Dollar Road was a trail used by Basque sheep herders. You can still see evidence of their carvings in the aspen trees.