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Flagstaff Fall Color Part One

mjensen-infrared-aspens-hart-prairiePredicting prime time for fall color is difficult because there are just too many factors involved. This year, for instance, our weather has been strange which might be the reason the leaves are turning about a week later than the past several years but who knows?! I was prepared for no color by bringing along my Infrared converted camera. Here are some of my favorite first shots. Read more

Little America Lights Festival

Every year at this time, Flagtaff’s Little America Inn hangs a million lights in their trees. Here’s one of my interpretations. If you enjoy light displays, it’s worth a drive up! The display continues through Jan 1.

Cutleaf Coneflower

Yet another shot of Cutleaf Coneflower.

Aspens Stirred

This impressionistic photograph of Aspen Trees and Cutleaf Coneflowers was captured along Schultz Creek Trail in Flagstaff. I love moving my camera during exposure! Because I’ve been doing it for so long, I can almost predict every time what a photo will look like using certain movements. I’m often asked exactly how to do it but it really boils down to practice. That goes for any photographic style you love; macro, landscapes, etc. Practice, practice, practice like a musician with his instrument!

Skipper on Bee Balm

I don’t have an identification for this little guy yet but I do know it is a Skipper. It’s the only one I noticed while exploring up at Schultz Pass and he was gone in a flash so I’m happy to have at least one shot. Canon 180mm Macro lens. ISO 400, 1/1000 sec, f/10. Probably my favorite lens.

Bee Balm

Wild Bergamot also known as Bee Balm was thick in places along the Schultz Creek Trail.

Crab Spider on Datura

creature this morning. This time a (barely visible) Crab Spider on a Datura bloom. I captured him hand held with a Canon 24-105mm lens at 105mm. To achieve closer focus, I attached a 500D close-up lens. It doesn’t equate to a true macro lens but works well as an alternative to switching lenses.

Fearless Dragonfly

I saw this Dragonfly as I was hiking down a trail and hoped he would stay around just long enough for a close up. Remembering they typically come back to a perch, I approached slowly and sure enough, even though he would fly away, he would always come back to this twig. The final image is full frame which means my lens was just inches away from him! Thanks Mr. Dragonfly 🙂