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Doorways at Tlaquepaque

Photographers know that light is the most important ingredient in a successful photograph. Training yourself to see it, though, takes a lot of practice for most people…including me. Doorways, such as these at Tlaquepaque, are great subjects late in the day. You might not see just how much light is being reflected on the other side but always shoot because you might be surprised! That was the case for me in these two photos. Hope your photography is full of surprises 🙂

Tlaquepaque Village

A shot from Tlaquepaque Shopping Village in Sedona. I challenged myself to do some architecture which is definitely a struggle for me! For more images, check my Google+ page. If you don’t see the post, just click on “photos”, see all albums and look for Arizona.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Our Meetup group had a shoot at Goldfield Ghost Town this morning. I couldn’t make it until later so the sun was nice and bright by the time I got there. I used Topaz and Nik filters to rescue some of the photos.

History at West Fork Trail

A view from inside one of the remnants of the Mayhew Lodge.
CLICK HERE to read more about the history.

Cabin for Rent

This fabulous cabin, called the Gold King Retreat, can be yours for just $15,000 per week in the winter and a bargain price of $9100 per week in the summer. It’s located at 11,300 feet in sight of Gold King Basin with views that take your breath away! I’ll post some photos of the area in the next couple of days.

Gold King Retreat in Infrared


I’m almost back….did you miss me? I missed you!!! The reason I made a move to another host is that Yahoo Business is not upgrading to the latest database process required by WordPress. WordPress is constantly looking out for security leaks and as such continues to upgrade. If I stay with Yahoo, I’m leaving myself open to potential problems. Yahoo has known for quite some that they needed to upgrade but Yahoo Business support told me, that although they will eventually upgrade, they have no plans in the immediate future. (Their last update was 2003!)

Anyway….the transition is almost done. The only negative thing that happened is that permalinks had to be altered so if you happened to save a link to a particular blog post, it won’t work. But…just enter the title or other search word and you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for. If you’ve never tried the search box, please do. Looking for tortoise photos? Type “tortoise” and up pops related posts.


We had quite a bit of rain during our Colorado road trip. Instead of running for cover, though, I continue to shoot because the light can be great! If you look back at my Snowshoe Hare post, you’ll notice the hares are wet and the flower colors are popping. In this image, I think the rain adds to the story of how much this area has deteriorated.

Red Mountain Mining Camp

This was my second time visiting the Red Mountain Mining Camp. I decided to shoot infrared. I added a little diffuse glow to the image to soften it. Looks like winter!