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Posts tagged ‘hiking’

Colonel Devin Trail Butterflies

Colonel Devin Trail, Payson, AZMy butterfly group went on our annual butterfly hunt on the Colonel Devin Trail this past Saturday (just 1.5 hrs from home). Read more

Hummingbird Saved by Textures

Two friends and I hiked to a spring high up in the McDowell Mountains this past week and as we approached, we were delighted to observe a hummingbird gathering fluff from cattails for her nest. I instantly raised my camera but in my excitement, forgot to double check the settings. The image was greatly underexposed. I waited for about 30 minutes but she never came back. I almost deleted this image but then remembered that texture blending can do wonders with underexposed images and they did! At least it is good enough for a small print and a wonderful memory 🙂

Hells Canyon Wilderness

A wrong turn at the start put us quite a distance away from our intended destination but we still had a fantastic hike today in Hells Canyon Wilderness. For those who live in this area, the little sliver of water you see in the distance is Lake Pleasant. We hope to go back in a few weeks and do it right 🙂

Tarantula and Chris

Today’s post is for a couple of friends who wanted to see the fun I had with this Tarantula photo. What was even more fun, though, was taking the photo! I used my Canon compact, got on my stomach and positioned the camera lens almost touching the spider. Thankfully, he/she was OK with that 🙂

West Fork Trail Fall Color

West Fork has some great color this year! Here’s a link to more of my West Fork images:

Zion Trails

Many Trails in Zion reward you with spectacular and breathtaking views but are definitely not for the faint of heart. Some are so narrow in places (typically as you get higher) that chains, like the one pictured here, are installed for safety. Look more closely and you’ll see a hiker in a red shirt and the VERY narrow trail behind him. Photo tip of the day: Have a red jacket handy when you want a person in your photo for perspective. It really stands out better than any other color. The hiker’s red shirt in my photo was complete serendipity. Thanks Sir 🙂

Climbers Trails

Climbers Trails are meant for climbers but are also open to experienced hikers. Sometimes you can see the trail, sometimes not! (Superstitions on the Horizon)

Canyon Tree Frog

Yesterday, I led fellow wanna-be botanists Judi and Joyce and our birder friend Phil on a hike to Camp Creek Falls. What a day! Wildflowers were few and very far between but having Phil along, we were able to further our bird education. Thanks Phil! Besides the flowers, birds and waterfall, another highlight was coming across a Canyon Tree Frog. It jumped just as Phil walked by or we wouldn’t have seen the little 2 1/2 inch guy. Click here for my last sighting of this tiny creature. L-R: Joyce, Canyon Tree Frog, Judi