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Posts tagged ‘intentional camera movement’

Zabriskie Piont

This image was taken from Zabrisk[e Point in Death Valley. I zoomed in on the distant river bed (it looks like a river bed anyway) and panned at a slow shutterspeed. I printed it on canvas and it really looks like a painting! I’m spending more and more time on Google Plus so check it out for more of my photos:

Desert Drive-by Shooting

Call me crazy but I love sticking my camera out my SUV window and shooting while driving. Jack Davis (artist and digital guru) was the first one I saw do this back about 2003 and I was instantly intrigued. I don’t always get something worthwhile but occasionally I get something I love. This was one of those times. I added to the left side of the image and I printed this on a large canvas and it looks great! I love the painterly look.

Holiday Light Displays

You’re probably tired of seeing them but I never tire of moving my camera while shooting holiday lights. Swing your camera, doe-see-doe 🙂

Zion Cottonwood Impression

Of course I had to include at least one intentional camera movement image 🙂
Very old Cottonwood along Virgin River.


I had a very disappointing visit to the Phoenix Zoo this morning….photographically, that is. It’s been many years since I’ve been and many of the exhibits have changed making them no longer photography friendly. The animals probably love their new enclosures but there are many more barriers putting them farther away and worse is that many exhibits are now behind heavily fingerprinted and scratched plexiglass. I should say, though, that the majority of the visitors were families with young children who had no absolutely no complaints!

Sky in Motion

Achieving impressionistic images with a compact is much more difficult than with an SLR but it can be done. Just wait for an overcast day or very low light such as early morning or late afternoon. This image is early morning. I pointed my camera up and metered on the tree branches knowing it would give me a silhouette.


Aspen and Pine at Schultz Pass. I can’t help shaking my camera at trees 🙂

Aspen Stand Abstract

An Aspen Stand is a very special place. Because of the extra moisture there, you’re more likely to see lush flora and more wildlife. Not long after I shook my camera at this stand, a Mule Deer passed nearby. CLICK HERE to read a description of a stand.